The Best First-Time Charter Destinations in The East Med

Is this your first time considering a superyacht charter, and you’re not quite sure where to cast off? Are you craving a variety and good mix of high-end experiences and off-road adventures in nature? Let’s get you to some of the hotspots of East Med, we are sure you will find an ideal destination for your summer to remember.

We’re here to guide you through the top superyacht charter destinations that promise memories to last a lifetime. So, let’s begin!

A Sumer Must Do: Superyacht Charter in Croatia

Imagine sailing the crystal-clear waters of Croatia, from the stunning city of Dubrovnik, known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” to the sun-kissed islands dotting the entire Dalmatian Coast. Croatia is where dreams of island-hopping, historical exploration, and sunbathing on secluded beaches come true. Feast on the freshest seafood while enjoying the view from waterfront restaurants, or dive into Croatia’s storied past with tours of ancient forts and Roman ruins along the coast.

Must-Visit Ports in Croatia:

  • Dubrovnik: Wander through its charming old town or explore the Game of Thrones memorabilia setups
  • Hvar: A sign from heaven you can truly have it all – blend of stunning beaches, historical sights, and the liveliest parties under the Adriatic sun.
  • Korčula & Vis: Step back in time in Korčula, Marco Polo’s hometown, and find peace in Vis’s untouched natural beauty.

Modern Classic: Greece

Greece invites you on a voyage through time, set against the backdrop of its incredibly charming islands. Start in Athens, marveling at the ancient Acropolis, then cruise over to the heart of the Cyclades, which is best to experience at sunset. From the iconic blue domes of Santorini to the vibrant energy of Mykonos and the rich history of Rhodes and Crete, Greece offers so much, one visit could never be enough. 

Must-Visit Ports in Greece

  • Athens: The cradle of civilization, home to the Acropolis and a vibrant city life.
  • Santorini & Mykonos: Witness Santorini’s stunning sunsets and dive into Mykonos’s legendary party scene.
  • Rhodes: Explore medieval wonders in the Old Town and the grandeur of the Palace of the Grand Master.

Glamourous, With a Twist of Exotics: Turkey 

Turkey’s coastline is where the East meets West in the most extraordinary way! Just think: colors, flavors, and landscapes. Start your journey in Bodrum, with its ancient allure and contemporary buzz, then sail the Turquoise Coast, a path lined with hidden coves, historic cities, and quaint villages. 

Turkey’s blend of warm hospitality, sumptuous cuisine, and stunning vistas promises an unforgettable yachting adventure. Visit Ephesus and Xanthos to peel back layers of Turkey’s history. Treat yourself to Turkish culinary delights, from mezes to baklava, at local haunts.

Must-Visit Ports:

  • Bodrum: A lively gateway with a medieval castle and vibrant marina.
  • Marmaris & Fethiye: Sail the breathtaking Turquoise Coast, discovering serene bays and ancient cities.
  • Antalya: Delight in the old town’s charm and the sun-soaked beaches.

Whether you’re after the serene beauty of Croatia, the timeless allure of Greece, or Turkey’s rich mosaic of experiences, each destination promises its unique magic. So, what are you waiting for? 

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