The Best First-Time Charter Destinations in The West Med

Are you about to charter your first superyacht and thinking about where to go? Why don’t you choose the region known to be the home place of yachting lifestyle as such?

Have your summer to remember with our guide to the best first-time charter destinations in the glamour of West Med. Whether you’re seeking the allure of high society, the taste of exquisite cuisine, or the thrill of cultural explorations, we’ve curated the perfect getaway for adventurous spirits looking for something new.

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Monaco, A Playground of the Rich and Famous

Powerful Monaco

Monaco is more than a port in your travel memories, it’s an experience of glamour and elegance and heritage. Imagine cruising into the sparkling Mediterranean, with Monte Carlo’s skyline greeting you. This city-state is a blend of luxury, culture, and stunning natural beauty. From the legendary Monte Carlo Casino to the majestic Prince’s Palace, Monaco offers a glimpse into a world of unparalleled extravagance. Imagine sipping champagne as you gaze at some of the world’s most impressive yachts moored at Port Hercules or strolling through designer boutiques before dining under the stars at Michelin-starred restaurants. Make sure not to miss Monaco Yacht Club, which is one of the best hubs to network among the world’s elite.

Italy, Carbs Unloading

Cliffs of Italy

Set sail to Italy, where the past and present merge, creating a divine experience for all your senses. Your journey begins in Naples, a city brimming with historical heritage. The glamour of the Amalfi Coast will take your breath away and inspire you to enjoy life more with its timeless charm. Capri tells tales of ancient emperors, while Sicily offers cultural variety. Italian cuisine will be your constant companion, with each port offering a new delight—from the freshest seafood pasta to the creamiest gelato. Italy is an endless feast for the senses.

France, Chic Beaches and Timeless Elegance

Stunning architecture of Southern France

France is synonymous with style, and its yachting destinations are no exception. The French Riviera is a celebration of the luxe life, with Saint-Tropez, Nice, and Cannes serving up a mix of sun, sea, and sophistication. Venture to Corsica for rugged landscapes and outdoor adventures, or lose yourself among the vineyards and historic sites of Provence. Whether lounging on a sun-drenched beach, sipping rosé among the vines, or exploring ancient ruins, France offers a slice of the good life, magnifique in every way.

Spain, Celebration of Life

Details from Spain

Spain invites you to dance to the rhythm of its diverse landscapes and vibrant cultures. Barcelona is your gateway to the Costa Brava’s hidden coves and artistic treasures. The Balearic Islands charm you with their crystal-clear waters and laid-back lifestyle. From the electric energy of Ibiza’s nightlife to the historic charm of Palma de Mallorca, Spain is a celebration of life itself. Enjoy tapas on a secluded beach, explore Gothic cathedrals, or simply bask in the Mediterranean sun. Spain is where adventure meets relaxation.

Where will you drop anchor this summer?

Each of these destinations offers something unique, and it is a very personal decision on where you decide to go. To make sure you decide right, use the knowledge of charter brokers who will give you more information and create an itinerary suitable for you and your group.

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